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David Cameron's Government / Terrorist Threat - Single
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Aqua Velvas were formed in 1982 when Partners In Crime disbanded and Russ Teasdale,Richard Weatherill and Clive Simpson invited Mike Peel to join their existing line up. The band played the new “pop”of Orange Juice and the songs were political.The music reflected the attitude of the day combining the waning punk scene with the up tempo of the power pop era.

In 1982 they recorded their first single at KG Studios in Briddlington on System Records. Heart of the City was played on John Peel. The band gigged all over the North, supporting Orange Juice,Viscious Pink Phenomana and many others and on many occasions played with Darlington’s Bendy Sticks and Sunderland band Patrick.

From 1983 to 1985 they recorded at Teesbeat in Stockton under the supervision of Dimmer Blackwell . The Dimmer Years is now available on CD. In 1985 they played their last gig at Norma Jeans in Middlesbrough.

In 2001 Clive Simpson died, after choking in his sleep .

In 2003 Richard,Mike and Russ got together with new drummer Clive Lomas to record the Terrorist Threat ep.This was after a Dutch producer Van Bokhurst heard an old demo from 1983 of the title track. Van Bokhurst kindly paid for the session and the title track ended up on a compilation album on Nuhove Records.

In 2013 Russ got in contact with Richard and Clive and guitarist Mike to work on a new project an Aqua album to be recorded at Broadwater Studios in Gateshead with the working title “Old Men With Diseased Faces” (Which is the opening line of the first single). Due to illness Mike Peel has had to step down so his place has been taken by Steve Graham the former Moulin Rouge frontman,who often sat in on live gigs with the Aqua’s in the eighties. There will be many “special guest”performances on the new CD….watch this space!

*** UPDATE ***

Recording the new album has now started in earnest at Broadwater Studios,Gateshead under the production of Paul Worthington. 

Alison Hildreth has now joined on sax,keyboards and vocals. Former Partner in Crime Andy Dodds is currently playing bass as Richard has had to temporary leave due to a family illness. 

Special guests so far include Geoff Mull and George Williamson.

We have started work on David Cameron's Government video under the brilliant production of Jodie Canwell.

2014 is going to be a busy year !!!

*** UPDATE August 2014 ***

We are proud to announce that Mr Andy Power has now joined the band on lead guitar and is working with us in the studio. We have also recruited Mr Shaun Pattison on guitar for the forthcoming live shows.
Reviews of the new single:
The track immediately starts out as enjoyable. The beat begins, opening out into an enjoyable, exciting but still relaxing acoustic piece. Then, as the vocals slowly begin, they are varied and enjoyable. Even better, the lyrics have a true point to them, even while sounding comedic and entertaining. As such, the piece almost seems to be a satire, as the well sung vocals illustrated. The guitar instrument further lends an old time feel to the track, while still discussing modern issues. A definite one hundred percent ranking.

Rating: 10 This song was silly. It would be great to use for children's education. Come to think of it, a lot of adults could become educated from this song. I like it. It's funny and true. It may as well just say it's about America. Is that a violin I hear? awesome. They did a good job. I want to hear more from them, touching on more topics!! They can make an entire album of different historical events and it would be popular with me and my family. It even has my six year old dancing along! The folksy tune was great. They had nice singing voices, also.I think it was a nice beat and tempo to dance along to. I like music that gets you moving like this track did.

Rating: 10 Very gently, the drums come in with a nicely paced tempo beat as the singer expressively creates the foundation of the song. This is a folk/rock style with a strong message. The singer has a very appealing style that does immediately attract the listener's attention. As he sings, a complimenting guitarist and accordion playing adds color and provides the appropriate diversity. The singer stays on key throughout and does a wonderful job of creating a story line with the lyrics; one that has true meaning about the misfortunes of the poor and how the rich get richer from their pain. He delivers his singing with confidence and style and does keep the entertainment and message going strong throughout, and then he leads the song into an appropriate conclusion. And, very importantly, the production is perfect with all instruments and singing set at the right levels and coming through with clarity. Great job! This is a hit!

Rating: 10 The intro was nice. The song seems like a country song but i was wrong. The song seems very similar to another long. must be a copy. The singer sounds drunk. The singer seems mad at the government during the 1700's. The Singers are really nice with the instruments playing with them. The lyrics are easy to understand and we can refer the song to today's government.

Rating: 10 Really good song. Actually the song is amazing. Would highly recommend everyone to listen to it. Love love love it. Made me feel happy. Great song if your down, or if you just want to have a good time.

Rating: 10 A slow drum beat starts the song. Soon a joyful, happy guitar starts off, it sounds so happy! The vocalist then joins in and, wow, the accent is unique in a lovable way. Singing about David Cameron in a satire way is absolutely amazing! Its hilarious, I was in hysterics as they sung about the failures of David Camerons government in such a positive way. The happy tone contrasting the negative lyrics were absolutely amazing. This song needs to be released! Its funny, catchy as hell and I can see it blazing in sales! I loved it personally and was in hysterics as my toes tapped away. Seriously guys, get this out there! NOW!

Rating: 9 The intro started off smooth, and it gave a laid back vibe.The only issue I had was the vocals, there's pitch problems, and sounded awkward.As of the lyrics, I suppose the song was talking about the government and I didn't understand the chorus I think he was saying "David Cameron's government" but it sounded more like "David cameras government" but I did understand what the artist was trying to say. He was talking about student's education and employment I believe this song was written for a reason for political reasons. The song was catchy and the melodies were good they were interesting. I think this artist has potential as a political artist or someone speak up for their rights and he's also creative with what he does. I enjoyed listening to this, it was funny.

Rating: 9 Excellent opening to the song, a very familiar and well known melody that was replicated very well an was catchy with the instruments used. The vocals weren't that great but i don't think they were intended to be, it is more of a joke song to put out a message in a comical way, it was very fun and enjoyable and the lyrics hold meaning for a lot people in the country at the moment so i think that will gain the song a lot of following. The structure was very catchy and you want to sing along all the way through. Overall excellently put together and great choice of tune to play it over, it really worked well, this song will definitely do well because of the nature of the lyrics appealing to a lot of the countries own feeling right now. Great job and very fun and comical too whilst portraying a serious message.

Rating: 9 Delightful guitar melodies fill the introduction from the guitar strums. Combined with the singer's fun toned voice. As they play into the verse a light fiddle part that fits perfectly with the music. Along with the guitar tap technique that makes the percussion part. The harmony overall is strong and flow natural for this track in the verse and chorus. Along with the dynamics and transitions of the song. Vocally and lyrically the song shines. By having the lead singer fun style and back up vocals that match his pitch. The words of the song are easy to remember and paint the picture of the song that is easy to like. As a whole the track is well written and rounded. I see this creative and entertaining track as a prize for the group.

Rating: 9 This song has nice drums reminiscent of such hits as "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay". The vocals are very goofy and almost Monty Python like. The political satire of the lyrics is very stinging in how they deliver the message. The music is well done and very easy to listen to. Rhythm guitar is played with a certainty, going through the necessary chords while the lead picks a nice run over top. Their is also some nice violin work within this recording. The message of dislike with the government they are singing about is broadcasted in a very listenable, quirky way.

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